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Welcome to the UKWebAd Classic Car Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Classic Car Books and DVDs.

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ISBN 1903706629

Martin Thaddeus gives the home restorer the confidence to tackle bodywork repairs and achieve professional results. The book contains specially devised techniques which don't rely on professional workshop equipment enabling even the most difficult tasks to be undertaken.

ISBN 1850108900

This guide to the restoration of classic cars shows readers what to look for when buying a car as well as "tricks of the trade" and practical advice on tools, equipment, bodywork repairs and electrical component overhaul, as well as interior trim renewal. All aspects of car restoration are described and illustrated with step-by-step photographs, with guidelines on tools and equipment: what to buy, how to use them and the safety precautions to be observed. Six chapters, divided into nearly 60 separate sections, cover every aspect of classic car ownership, from buying, getting through the MOT, welding, panel beating, chassis repairs, paintwork, rust proofing, engine removal and stripdown, suspension overhaul, braking systems, tyres, interiors, dashboard and headlamps.

ISBN 1903706505

All models of cars have their own common faults and foibles as well as the general ills that can afflict all cars. This book draws on the knowledge of MGB experts and aims to show how problems can be identified and assessed quickly, and then dealt with in the most appropriate way.

ISBN 000718235X

A celebration in words and pictures of the world's biggest and most diverse classic motor sports event. Endorsed by the Goodwood Estate, edited by a leading authority on both classic and modern cars and featuring contributions from celebrities ranging from Jeremy Clarkson to Mick Mason, this is a must-have book for all motor racing devotees. Each year over a hundred thousand visitors from around the world gather in the grounds of Goodwood House near Chichester to celebrate their passion for motor cars and motor sport. It is the only meeting in the world where fans can see some of the greatest cars in the history of motor sport together with the drivers who drove them. Goodwood Festival of Speed is the official book on this unique occasion in the sporting calendar. Starting from informal beginnings in 1993 through to the record-breaking 11th anniversary meeting televised throughout Europe and America, the story captures the nostalgia and thrill of a much-loved extravaganza -- where beautiful Alfa Romeos, thirties' American Streamliners and outrageous fifties' Cadillacs stand alongside World Championship winning Ferraris, fabulous racing bikes, and the latest expensive F1 machines.

ISBN 0879385677

ISBN 1903706637

The complete guide written by a paintwork professional Step-by-step, illustrated procedure Preparing your workshop Colour mixing and matching Includes the art of filling with lead Covers all stages from paint removal to applying a new topcoat Packed with professional tips what to do if something goes wrong. This book takes the reader step-by-step through each stage of preparation from minor repairs, through filling and undercoats to a paint finish fit for a classic car. Over 140 colour photographs illustrate every stage of the procedures. Paint like a professional!

ISBN 1861261470

A complete history of the Jaguar E-type in all its forms, from the first in 1961 to the last in 1974 when production ceased. The author includes full specifications and results of road tests, and information is provided on buying and maintaining an E-type.

ISBN 1870979125

A guide to the Jaguar E Type car. It contains details of production changes and modifications, standard and optional equipment, and colour schemes. This book also describes how the car originally looked, based on factory records and the advice of experts and restorers.

ISBN 1861262132

With its bonded aluminium chassis and its glass reinforced plastic bodywork, the Lotus Elise has pioneered some interesting technologies. In this volume, motoring journalist and historian John Tipler details the story of the Lotus Elise, illustrated by photographs.

ISBN 1859608817

Morgan, founded in 1910, made three-wheelers for 26 years before deciding to add a fourth wheel to their vehicles and enter the sports car market. It was a good move. Today Morgan - the oldest motor manufacturer in the world still controlled by the family who created it - enjoys a waiting list of several years, which speaks volumes for the desirability of its nostalgic sports cars. This enthusiast's guide includes a history of the marque, buying tips, driving impressions and technical specifications.

ISBN 1859606075

An absolutely essential reference when considering the purchase of, particularly your first, MGB. At this stage the most important section covers what points to look for when viewing an MGB, and gives a guide as to how much repairs or replacement will cost in each case - useful in negotiations with the vendor.

ISBN 1859606148

Although production of these great British sports cars ceased many years ago, enthusiasm for them continues unabated. Now fully revised and updated to include the rebuilding of a car with a Heritage bodyshell this book, first gives the reader a basic history of the Midget and Sprite, tells the prospective buyer how to find a good example, and then gets down to the restoration. Particular attention is given to bodywork repairs, interior, upholstery and hood renovation and repair, parts interchangability and tuning/modification.

ISBN 0760314497

Terry Horler is the Sprite and Midget detective. His invaluable book will help anyone restore their car to correct specifications. As these cars grow older, and more people alter them both cosmetically and dynamically, it gets more and more difficult to know what the makers intended when they constructed these vehicles. This is especially the case with steering wheels, grilles, badges and interior fittings. So if you want to try a Sprite or Midget as the makers intended (and - a personal view - at their best) let Terry be your guide. If not, and you simply want the pleasure of the best place to browse nostalically about these cars, Terry's book does that job too. A few cars he pictures have minor alterations, but there are some gems as well. Rare colours are illustrated (such as Pale Pink) and there is a mass of information on year by year changes. Overall no-one has come close with other books about these endearing little sports cars. It is also clear that the people buying these cars for serious money want them to be correct. Terry's book can make you wealthier, too!

ISBN 1861262620

The Spitfire and its stable mate the Triumph GT6 were produced for almost 20 years. James Taylor traces the history of these cars from the initial design concept, through to production, development and their current classic status.

ISBN 1852237961

TVR today is a highly respected manufacturer of exclusive, stylish sports cars, which are among the fastest on the road. So successful has the TVR become that it now has its own TVR Tuscan challenge series. John Tipler charts the company's history, from Trevor Wilkinson's initial optimism, the near disastrous move to a wedge shape, and builds up to the present day under Peter Wheeler. He covers the development of the cars and profiles the leading characters, Martin Lilley and Peter Wheeler. Finally he looks in detail at the factory, the staff, the unorthodox design process, the creation of the chasis and bodies, and the immaculate care that goes into the manufacture of each care, including full technical specifications for all TVR models.

ISBN 1859608574

The Elise saw the return of the genuinely exciting sports car. This was the first Lotus for a generation to truly revive Colin Chapman's ideals, proving a worthy successor to the seminal Lotus 7. The Elise was the first modern sports car to generate real enthusiasts, tempting many classic car fans to change their allegiance to this no-compromise contemporary classic. Nearly 11,000 Elises have been built since its 1995 launch and an ongoing programme of development ensures that it still retains its status. This volume charts the complete Elise story, including interviews with the car's designer and development engineers. It contains information on buying, owning and running an Elise and features details of aftermarket accessories and modifications. Also included are appendices detailing model specifications, performance data, production figures and full listings of dealers, specialists and clubs.

ISBN 185010932X

It covers all stages of vehicle interior enhancement, from cleaning and tidying, through to stripping out and replacing upholstery, repairing seat frames, and renewing trim panels. Other chapters describe how to cure water leaks, rust damage, re-colouring vinyl trim, feeding and maintaining leather upholstery, facia and door capping renovation and dealing with headlinings. Useful contact addresses are included in the appendices.

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ISBN 0836831942

ISBN 0760316449

There are a lot of books about Morgan's Sports Cars, Historys mainly, how they are built, racing pedigree etc. But this one covers a very necessary area... IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DO IT YOURSELF...
I had a Morgan +4 for nearly four years and I only wish I had had this book at the time! RECOMMENDED (both the book and the car!)...



Featuring a profile on the Lotus motorcar from the early 1950s to the present day. Special Features. 


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